Good health is the most important thing for all of us, thats why SC Vermodje SRL is applying the latest technologies and resources for your health.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing Company SC “VERMODJE” SRL is located in the clean suburban area, 10 kilometers from the capital of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau.

The total number of employees: 40 persons.

The company was established in 2001 and successfully produces and sells various kinds of pharmaceutical products, for veterinarian and human use.


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In 2013, a new laboratory was built according to all requirements and standards of GMP. Now, pharmaceutical factory has 4 sterile manufacturing lines including production of ampules, vials, pills and capsules.

The industrial complex is a two-floors building with total area of 835.3 m2 and an additional surface of property with total area of 0.258 hectares.
The entire surface is the property of the Company.

The building is equipped with the cleaning system and air conditioning.

Net enterprise zone:

VermodjePreparation of raw materials, weighing;
Tableting (encapsulation);
Sorting and temporary storage of tablets / capsules;
The site of the primary packaging of tablets / capsules in blisters;
Land filling of packages;
Wash, clean storage units;
Laboratory in-process controls;
Not classified for air purity manufacturing facilities of pharmaceutical
production(storage area, entrance area of staff, technical facilities, offices, etc.).


Equipment used in the production is from the world’s leading
manufacturers, such as Carvalho, Zanasi, Uhlmann, Appatebau, Kenwood.
Capacity of the installed equipment allows up to 60,000 tablets per hour.

Maintenance of engineering equipment

The pharmaceutical company SC “VERMODJE” SRL service was
vermodjeestablished to ensure proper maintenance and continued operation of systems engineering and technical equipment. The head of service is the Chief Engineer. Engineering Service in its work is guided by a plan of preventive maintenance work drawn up in accordance with the requirements of passports and instructions for the equipment.


Sanitization of industrial sites and equipment (cleaning, cleaning, washing, disinfection, sterilization) is carried out in accordance with the written instructions of technology, which are described in detail the means employed, the materials, methods and frequency of treatments. Particular attention is paid to sanitary processing equipment located in production areas. Staff has administrative responsibility for the unfair implementation of these instructions. From time to time in accordance with schedules developed chemists and microbiologists OCC shop and spend control the sanitary condition of premises and equipment with the help of chemical and microbiological methods.

Corporate Structure

vermodjeThe structure of the pharmaceutical company is built on the basis of the conditions and characteristics of production and determines the order of interaction between structural units, as well as the responsibilities and powers of the supervisory staff. Fulfillment of the conditions of mutual responsibility in accordance with the structure of the enterprise and the effective functioning of the Quality Assurance System, provide a guarantee of proper operation of staff, his interest in the successful operation and stable product quality.

Qualifications of staff

The Staff selections is based on the availability of vocational education system (confirmed by a diploma), and the availability of a particular experience (confirmed by the relevant recommendations and records of employment documents). Job responsibilities of each employee furnished documentary and internalized by every employee. All employees are aware of requirements and rules of production and quality control of drugs related to their work and are the initial and refresher training to the extent necessary, including the rules of personal hygiene.

Policy trainingvermodje

Qualification training of personnel in the enterprise is based on a constant systematic training of employees under the plan approved by the Director General. Responsibility for the organization and functioning of the education system in the pharmaceutical company is the Executive Director; Head of QAD provides and oversees the training of the personnel of the enterprise. The Chief Engineer is responsible for organizing and conducting training on labor protection, industrial hygiene, and fire safety. The company has developed a system of internal and external training. External training is aimed at improving skills in the production and quality control of drugs, as well as to deepen the theoretical foundations of professional knowledge. The external training involves heads of departments, experts of the enterprise engaged in the production and quality control of pharmaceutical products, the creation of documents. External training is carried out in accordance with the approved program on the basis of the various training centers and research institutions of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Moldova and other agencies. Internal training includes the conduct of primary, periodic, ad hoc and unplanned learning. Internal training is completed certification of employees. Training of personnel in the company carried out the heads of units or by qualified professionals. Practical training is conducted in the workplace by qualified personnel. Staff training is conducted on the basis of training programs and job training, designed for each profession.


Requirements for health personnel

vermodjeTo determine compliance with the health officer, assigned by the work of the company held preliminary and periodic medical examinations. Pre-employment medical examination is conducted of all applicants, people with chronic diseases to work is not accepted. Vermodje 6There are annual medical examinations of staff physicians of different specialties (general practitioner, neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, and dermatologist) who conclude on the health and production activities to continue. Responsibility for admission to work and timely referral of workers to periodic medical examinations are heads of departments and the chief of staff. Personnel charged with the duty to report the head of his department on the slightest sign of disease, in which case he is suspended from work and sent to the health care setting.

Requirements for personal hygiene and clothing

Staff must strictly comply with the prescribed rules of personal hygiene rules and change of clothes in preparation for the work. The rules set out in writing to the relevant technical regulations. Control over the execution of instructions personnel assigned to the unit managers. Preparing technological clothing is carried in a specially designated for this area.